Welcome To The Success Kit

We all want to achieve success but many of us find that it is sometimes beyond our reach or just a finger-tip away and we just can’t seem to achieve our desires, dreams and goals. Why is this so?

What is the difference between the successful achievers and the not so successful one’s? Well, it can be summed up in just a few words: the successful people in this world practice right thinking and habits, they are focused and goal oriented, they are optimistic and positive, they never give up on their dreams and goals and most significant is that they are always striving to acquire and learn new skills.
In the wise words of the doyen of Personal Development, Earl Nightingale, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal”. These words are a powerful reminder that in order to achieve success, confidence and a high self-esteem it is necessary to set your goals, write them down and take massive action towards achieving them.

Jim Rohn, an equally great Motivational and Personal Development coach also shares dynamic words of advice that can virtually guarantee one’s success:

  1. “in this current day and age, it is imperative to learn and acquire new skills”,
  2. “for things to change, you have to change”
  3. “the game of life is to minimize the dangers and maximize the opportunities”
  4. “be so busy giving recognition to others that you don’t really need it for yourself”

At The Success Kit, a company that was started by Jeeva Padayachee, we are committed to helping as many individuals achieve their dreams and goals in order to become amazingly successful in life. The training courses that we offer are designed and aimed at propelling you towards achieving your goals, becoming more confident, communicating more effectively and living a prosperous life. It has always been our motto that in order to “earn more, be more and have more, you have to learn more” (Source, anonymous).