Affiliate Marketing Essentials

Attention Budding Entrepreneurs – Are you ready to make money promoting other people’s products?

Many enterprising individuals decide to start affiliate marketing as a way to increase their income. In fact, some online business owners find over time that this becomes their main income stream!

The idea is often sold as a fast way to make money, which leads to a lot of confused and overwhelmed potential affiliate marketers thinking that affiliate marketing is a con, and they’re never going to make a success of this business model.

If only affiliate marketing was that easy! But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be hard.

Affiliate marketing when done right can be highly profitable.

But get it wrong and you can be faced with serious legal challenges.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is when a business (the merchant) pays an individual or company (you, the affiliate) a commission for sales, clicks, or leads. You initially apply to the merchant to join their program.

If you don’t ‘sell’, you don’t earn –  you are a commission only sales person. Your commissions are tracked through an ‘affiliate link’ that contains a unique code. When a customer clicks that link and performs the required action, the affiliate receives a commission.

This is a great way to monetize your audience between launches, in your autoresponder sequence, and throughout your content.



Neal K –  Jeeva was great at engaging attendees and maintaining an interactive learning environment for all. It was a pleasure to participate in this course under Jeeva’s guidance

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When done well, affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to generate an income, or an additional revenue stream.

Want to get started earning affiliate commissions yourself?

I’ve created Affiliate Marketing Essentials so you can learn how to start generating income from affiliate marketing right away!

This training workshop is a step-by-step, 5-module course that will teach you how to create a practical Affiliate Marketing Strategy and show you not only how to get started, but how to choose products that your audience will love.

But you won’t stop there!

You’ll discover how to recognize what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer, so that you can position yourself to maximize your affiliate income.

You’ll establish a niche you are passionate about, giving you the drive to continuously generate more commissions.

And, you’ll identify the products and services that your target audience will be most interested in, so you can choose affiliate marketing programs that are worth spending time promoting

Affiliate Marketing Essentials Content:


Module 1 – Affiliate Marketing 101

Module 2 – Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

Module 3 – Choosing Products and Services to Promote

Module 4 – Build Your Web Presence and Create Valuable Content

Module 5 – Conclusion and Next Steps

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This course is classroom based and contains an action guide, a course book and everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

  • Imagine your life in a 3 month’s time when you have more money flowing in, but your workload hasn’t increased.
  • Imagine having an audience that appreciates your content and feels happy to purchase your recommendations
  • Imagine how good it feels to have extra income without having to work more.
  • Imagine what you’ll do with your extra cash.

Will you invest it into an opportunity that can teach you to earn  part time income ?

Why Take This Course?

  • You are currently losing money buying courses that don’t work
  • You are having to work harder in your present job
  • You are frustrated with no money at the end of the month

And it doesn’t have to be this way…

In a few days you can be easily creating your successful affiliate marketing strategy and be on your way to earning an income in your very own business.

I promise that when you take this course you’ll love how good you’ll feel as an affiliate marketer!

See you on the other side!


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P.S. If you only identify a few ways you can quickly generate affiliate sales from your website or blog, you’ll 10x your course investment.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


So, what do attendees have to say about previous workshops that Jeeva has delivered?

Kristel K – Jeeva, you’re a great leader, educator and presenter. I like how easy it is to relate to you and how humble you are. You are also genuinely wanting to help people succeed, which is why you see it in me. We can’t see in the other what isn’t in us as well. I like your workshops. They are very inviting and powerful

Ivan K – Great introductory workshop. Jeeva is a great presenter who communicates very well and is very personable

Craig W – I thought that Jeeva ran the workshop brilliantly, and for somebody considering starting their own business, he covered all of the questions one would ask when starting up their own business. I can’t think of any way this course could be improved

Ryan C – Clear and well presented. Knowledgeable presenter

Silvana G – Great instructor, very knowledgeable!

Gabriela O – I think this course is great to help you communicate with people as well as being a friendly and fun environment

Katie L – This course was the best and least stressful opportunity I have been given! Jeeva is amazing and I totally recommend him as his teaching style is very good

Cory M – Please accept this email as positive feedback. As our course presenter and trainer, Jeeva has been absolutely amazing

Neal K –  Jeeva was great at engaging attendees and maintaining an interactive learning environment for all. It was a pleasure to participate in this course under Jeeva’s guidance

Sasha C – Great, thank you so much! Jeeva was brilliant today and I really enjoyed and got a huge amount from the day

Shania RG – It is a great course to learn and I have a better understanding of the units. Jeeva made it enjoyable and fun and I liked the entire course

“Jeeva, since February 2017, you have worked for the Business Leadership Centre on 2 occasions as a trainer. The first occasion was to deliver training in the art of professional presentations. The feedback from your training was excellent, which is why we asked you if you would like to come back and deliver training for our youth clients in customer service (some feedback below from the customer service course). Again the feedback was excellent!

It has been a pleasure working with you Jeeva. I sincerely wish you all the very best for the future. I am glad that our paths have crossed and we were able to assist you in your career goals.”

Warm Regards

Corina Docking AFAIM | RTO Coordinator | Business Leadership Centre


Course dates: 23rd February 2023 and/or 8th March 2023 at $495/attendee

Time:  9am to 4pm daily

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By practicing the proven tricks of great presenters, you’ll discover the confidence to get out there and start delivering your own winning sales presentations.

 You won’t have to worry about whether your delivery will fall flat or whether you’re saying the right thing.

 And, as you do more and more sales presentations, you’ll start attracting new audiences of people who are eager to buy your goods and services.

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Bonus Offer:

Sign up for this workshop and attend any of our other workshops at half price!

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Time is of the essence. Do not put off for tomorrow what can be done today!

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Course dates: 23rd February 2023 and 8th March 2023 at $495/attendee

Time: 9am to 4pm on selected dates of workshop

These workshops are being held in Perth and venue details will be emailed to you on registration.

COVID Requirements: Please note that for the Health and Safety of all participants, you are required to email your proof of being fully vaccinated prior to attending the workshop. Wearing of masks is highly recommended but not mandatory whilst attending this training workshop. In order to comply with distancing rules, these workshops are limited to 15 participants per workshop. Thank you for your understanding!

For any enquiries please call 0451125582 or Click HERE to send an email

Course Dates

Register now for our amazing one-day  workshop: “Affiliate Marketing Essentials” at only $495 per delegate, from 9am to 4pm on course date.

23rd February 2023 – Perth, or
8th March 2023 – Perth