Build Amazing Self Confidence for Success

The Success Kit is proud to present a dynamic online workshop titled:

“Build Amazing Self Confidence for Success”

Confidence can be created and developed, even if you suffer from low self-esteem. When you become confident about your ability in one area of your life, this positive self-belief mushrooms, creating self-confidence in other areas. With a proper plan of action and a smart goal setting system, confidence and a positive self-image can be achieved.

The “Build Amazing Self Confidence for Success” upcoming Online Workshops at only $97/person will be held on 27th June 2020 and 11th July 2020 from 9am-2pm. All login details will be forwarded to you on registration.

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In our ‘Build Amazing Self Confidence for Success’ workshop, the following modules are covered:

Module 1: Set Goals – Increase Confidence

The goal setting/confidence relationship is explored. Gaining confidence by achieving goals is not just an emotional process. The human brain releases pleasure-inducing chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins when a particular goal is pursued and achieved.

Module 2: Simple Steps to Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

Any big goal can be broken down into bite -sized pieces. Stringing together small wins on the way to accomplishing a major achievement builds confidence in the process. The following 6 step goal setting and achieving process is covered in this module.

  1. Develop a crystal clear picture of what you want to achieve
  2. Visualize achieving the goal
  3. Associate immense pleasure with goal achievement
  4. Associate extreme pain with failure
  5. Identify and complete daily actions that move you towards goal achievement
  6. Make achieving your goal a constant and primary focus in your mind

Module 3: Meaningful vs Sparkling End Points

Goals should be challenging, but attainable. Psychologists in 1908 proved that existing in a comfortable, safe environment lowers levels of achievement. Accordingly, stepping just outside of your comfort zone is where significant change occurs. You are encouraged to set goals that challenge the possibilities of what can be achieved, while still making them attainable.

Module 4: How to Deal with Obstacles to Goals

Any appreciable achievement is going to encounter obstacles along the way. Hardships and hurdles should be seen as opportunities for growth, and also as success-magnets. Since overcoming a significant obstacle can be difficult, when it happens, realize that you are closer to your goal than you were before. What you previously may have seen as an impossible roadblock to overcome is not as difficult to defeat as you originally thought.

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Module 5: Connecting with Winners

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, outside of your immediate family. This means that if you begin spending time with those who have achieved what you desire, you too will eventually get the same set of results.

Module 6: Reality Reset

The attendee is asked to question why they behave in the way they do, if they have not achieved the things they desired thus far. To get a new set of results, a new game plan needs to be written. Many times this means resetting the way you look at reality. The biggest achievements often come from efforts or actions that were previously thought to be impossible or irrational.

Module 7: Finishing With Grace

Failures are only an event and do not describe a person. Failures and successes are nothing more than data. They are the results which a particular course of action led to. Embracing failures as learning opportunities, and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to learn from them, boosts self-confidence and leads to greater and better results in the future.


Following a proven goal achieving system like the one detailed in module 2 can lead to rock solid confidence. That confidence often spreads, leading to a high level of self-esteem and self-belief in taking on other goals in the future. Confidence and goal achieving work hand in hand, naturally enhancing each other. Summary of techniques on how to develop extraordinary self-confidence.

So, what do previous attendees have to say about these workshops?

Ryan C
Clear and well presented. Knowledgeable presenter

Silvana G
Great instructor, very knowledgeable!

Gabriela O
I think this course is great to help you communicate with people as well as being a friendly and fun

Katie L
This course was the best and least stressful opportunity I have been given! Jeeva is amazing and I totally
recommend him as his teaching style is very good

Shania RG
It is a great course to learn and I have a better understanding of the units. Jeeva made it enjoyable and fun
and I liked the entire course

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