How to Start a Work-From-Home Business

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business from home is one of the most rewarding career pathways one can follow. If you implement the correct strategies and adopt the right mindset, you can truly enjoy a life of freedom and happiness as an home-based entrepreneur.

The Success Kit is proud to offer this excellent online workshop on how to become a successful entrepreneur by operating a business from home and live the life of your dreams.

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According to Wikipedia, Entrepreneurship has been described as the “capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit”

So, are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Many people desire to go into business for themselves but few individuals actually do. Why is this so? Because it is risky for one thing, it’s a hard, long slog, most of it uphill and it’s going to cut into your free time as well; a lot of your free time. But the rewards for being an entrepreneur are pretty incredible. If you are successful, you have the ability to earn an unlimited amount of money. Even if you’re not all that successful financially, you’re still working for yourself, paying the bills and living the Australian dream.

But how do you become successful as an home-based entrepreneur? Although there are many paths to take all of them are paved with the same bricks: hard work, persistence, amazing focus, extraordinary vision, a good idea and an entrepreneurial mindset. In this workshop, we will explore what it means to be an home-based entrepreneur and how you can be more successful at your own ventures or start a brand-new life as a business owner. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are in or what level of success you are seeking – what matters is the journey.

You’ve been thinking about starting a business and working from home!

You are tired of making someone else’s dream come true rather than your own!

You want to create financial abundance for your family!

“How to Start a Work-From-Home Business”

How to Gain Lifestyle and Financial Freedom by Building an Online, Location-Independent Business. Being your own boss and being able to work from home is just a dream for many people – a goal that never gets fulfilled.

Those people imagine a life where they can set their own hours, spend more time with family, and go where they want when they want. Having your own business also means that no one can fire you when they don’t need you any longer or when times are tough!

However, starting a successful home business requires commitment, consistency, and a clear plan.

At this amazing online workshop we will help you achieve your dream by guiding you through the home business planning process, step-by-step.

In How to Start a Work-From-Home Business you’ll learn how to:

  • Pick a business model and target audience that fits your skills and lifestyle
  • Create a timeline for getting your work-from-home business off the ground and earning
  • Identify longer term career path options
  • Draft a customer profile and value statement
  • Set your initial pricing and a way to get paid
  • Identify the tech needs for your chosen business model
  • Organize your home office and schedule for maximum productivity
  • Select the first, easiest marketing tactics you will implement
  • Explore ways to go completely location-independent and work from anywhere in the world

So, what is the workshop all about?

We will start out with an overview of the course and what you will learn, so that you are excited
to jump in and get going.

Module 1 – Set Your Goals for Your Work-From-Home Business
There are many benefits to working from home, but it may not be right for everyone.
Module 2 – Decide on Your Business Model
If working at home is right for you, now you’ll need to find a steady way to earn an income.
Module 3 – Set Up Your Financials
Everyone who sets up an online business will need a way to get paid and access their money. Creating your Sales Mix and Cash Flow
Module 4 – Set Up Your Technical skills and requirements
There are some tech essentials that anyone who works from home will need.
Module 5 – Get Organized for Maximum Productivity
The biggest challenges to working from home are not financial or technical, but organizational.
Module 6 – Craft Your QuickStart Marketing Plan
Working from home and owning an online business means having to attract customers and clients.
Module 7 – Making the Leap from Work-From-Home to Location Independent
Some people who choose to set up an online business do it because they want to hit the road and live freely
wherever they want, living as a “location independent” worker.
Module 8 – Conclusion and Next Steps
In this final module, we share some tips for moving forward and building a long-term, scalable business.

So, what do previous attendees have to say about these workshops?

Ryan C
Clear and well presented. Knowledgeable presenter

Silvana G
Great instructor, very knowledgeable!

Gabriela O
I think this course is great to help you communicate with people as well as being a friendly and fun

Katie L
This course was the best and least stressful opportunity I have been given! Jeeva is amazing and I totally
recommend him as his teaching style is very good

Shania RG
It is a great course to learn and I have a better understanding of the units. Jeeva made it enjoyable and fun
and I liked the entire course

Jeeva was very clear and concise. The material covered was very relevant to my business. Motti K


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