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Attention: Entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to shift their paradigm and succeed in their chosen field. Are you finding it a challenge to achieve your desired success and goals? Well then, we’ve got a great solution for you!

We, at The Success Kit, are proud to present an excellent workshop based on Jack Canfield’s Success Principles

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We are running an excellent and valuable workshop on The Success Principles, based on Jack Canfield’s amazing Book “64 Success Principles”. This workshop will cover the following Success Principles and is a one day workshop conducted by Jeeva Padayachee.

Jeeva is a motivational speaker, personal development trainer, life coach and has been certified by America’s number one coach, Jack Canfield, as a Canfield Trainer of The Success Principles

Course dates: Friday, 14th October 2022 or 11th November 2022 from 9am to 4pm

Investment: $495/attendee for the one-day workshop

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This excellent workshop will include the following modules:

Module 1: Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life. This is fundamental to creating a successful life. It is the core principle on which everything else is based. It is designed to get you out of the act of blaming and complaining and into consciously creating the life you desire. This can only happen if you are willing to take 100% responsibility for your results.

Module 2: Be Clear Why You Are Here

This is one of the core Principles for success. Everything else stems from getting in touch with that which we are put on this earth to do, our Life Purpose.

This module is designed to help you tap into what brings you the most joy and passion, which can give you clues to your life purpose. This module is grounded in the idea that we all have a life purpose and when we align our choices and actions with our life purpose, things become easier and we experience more success, fulfillment and joy.

Module 3: Decide What You Want

Decide What You Want tells us that you have to decide what you want to do, be, and have. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to experience? And what possessions do you want to acquire? In the journey from where you are to where you want to be, you have to decide where you want to be. In other words, what does success look like to you?

One of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is they haven’t decided what they want. They haven’t defined their desires in clear and compelling detail.

Module 4: Ask, Ask, Ask

History is filled with examples of incredible riches and astounding benefits people have received simply by asking for them. Yet surprisingly, as “Success Principle #17: Ask, Ask, Ask” tells us, asking is one of the most powerful success principles of all, yet it’s still a challenge that holds most people back. If you are like most people, you may be holding yourself back by not asking for the information, assistance, support, money, and time that you need to fulfill your vision and make your dreams come true.

Why are people so afraid to ask? They are afraid of many things such as looking needy, looking foolish, and looking stupid. But mostly they’re afraid of experiencing rejection. They are afraid of hearing the word no. The sad thing is that they’re actually rejecting themselves in advance. They’re saying no to themselves before anyone else even has a chance to.

Module 5: Keep Your Agreements

“Your life works to the degree you keep your agreements.” – Werner Erhardt, Founder of the Training and Landmark Forum

“Never promise more than you can perform.” – PubLilius Syrus

It used to be that one’s word was one’s bond. Agreements were made and kept with a minimum of fanfare. People thought carefully about whether they could deliver on their promises before agreeing to anything. It was that important. Today, keeping one’s agreements seems to be a hit or miss affair.

“Success Principle #54: Keep your Agreements” is designed to teach you, in an intentional way, the cost of not keeping agreements. Example: Setting up guidelines and agreements for a training session also helps keep order and set expectations of behavior for the training.

Module 6: Take Action

The world doesn’t pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do. There’s an enduring axiom of success that says, “The universe rewards action.” Yet as simple and as true as this principle is, it’s surprising how many people get bogged down in analyzing, planning, and organizing when what they really need to do is take action.

“Success Principle #13: Take Action” tells us that, when you take action, you trigger all kinds of things that will inevitably carry you to success. You let those around you know that you are serious in your intention. People with similar goals become aligned with you. You begin to learn things from your experience that cannot be learned from listening to others or from reading books. You begin to get feedback about how to do it better, more efficiently, and more quickly. Things that once appeared difficult begin to be easier.

All manner of good things begin to flow in your direction once you begin to take action.


So, if you want to experience a positive shift in your life by learning 6 of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, then I invite you to enroll for this workshop and there’s a very good chance that you will be extremely glad you did!

Your Course Presenter: Jeeva Padayachee

Course dates: Friday, 14th October 2022 or 11th November 2022 from 9am to 4pm

Investment: $495/attendee for the one-day workshop

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So, what do attendees have to say about previous workshops that Jeeva has delivered?

Kristel K – Jeeva, you’re a great leader, educator and presenter. I like how easy it is to relate to you and how humble you are. You are also genuinely wanting to help people succeed, which is why you see it in me. We can’t see in the other what isn’t in us as well. I like your workshops. They are very inviting and powerful

Ivan K – Great introductory workshop. Jeeva is a great presenter who communicates very well and is very personable

Craig W – I thought that Jeeva ran the workshop brilliantly, and for somebody considering starting their own business, he covered all of the questions one would ask when starting up their own business. I can’t think of any way this course could be improved

Ryan C – Clear and well presented. Knowledgeable presenter

Silvana G – Great instructor, very knowledgeable!

Gabriela O – I think this course is great to help you communicate with people as well as being a friendly and fun environment

Katie L – This course was the best and least stressful opportunity I have been given! Jeeva is amazing and I totally recommend him as his teaching style is very good

Cory M – Please accept this email as positive feedback. As our course presenter and trainer, Jeeva has been absolutely amazing.

Neal K –  Jeeva was great at engaging attendees and maintaining an interactive learning environment for all. It was a pleasure to participate in this course under Jeeva’s guidance.

Sasha C – Great, thank you so much! Jeeva was brilliant today and I really enjoyed and got a huge amount from the day.

Shania RG – It is a great course to learn and I have a better understanding of the units. Jeeva made it enjoyable and fun and I liked the entire course

“Jeeva, since February 2017, you have worked for the Business Leadership Centre on 2 occasions as a trainer. The first occasion was to deliver training in the art of professional presentations. The feedback from your training was excellent, which is why we asked you if you would like to come back and deliver training for our youth clients in customer service (some feedback below from the customer service course). Again the feedback was excellent!

It has been a pleasure working with you Jeeva. I sincerely wish you all the very best for the future. I am glad that our paths have crossed and we were able to assist you in your career goals.”

Warm Regards

Corina Docking AFAIM | RTO Coordinator | Business Leadership Centre


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Course dates: Friday, 14th October 2022 or Friday, 11th November 2022

Time: 9am to 4pm on selected date of workshop 

Investment: $495/attendee for the one-day workshop

These workshops will be held in Perth, at a venue South of the River. Venue details will be emailed to you on registration.

Bonus Offer:

Sign up for this workshop and attend any of our other workshops at half price!

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COVID Requirements: Please note that for the Health and Safety of all participants, you are required to email your proof of being fully vaccinated prior to attending the workshop. Wearing of masks is highly recommended but not mandatory whilst attending this training workshop. In order to comply with distancing rules, these workshops are limited to 15 participants per workshop. Thank you for your understanding!

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Course Dates

Register now for our outstanding one-day workshop: “The Success Principles Workshop” for an investment of only $495/delegate, from 9am to 4pm on selected course date.

14th October 2022 – Perth
11th November 2022 – Perth