Understanding The Law of Attraction for Greater Success

You have most likely heard of the Law of Attraction and, like all other laws of the Universe, it is a very real law. This law, if understood and implemented correctly, could help you achieve great success in life!

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Simplifying the Mysteries of the Law of Attraction

There are a number of theories on the law of attraction that it would probably take several volumes to discuss all of them. The extraordinary number of people who are believing and applying the principles of manifesting and attracting what they want in life is growing day by day – and the number of people who are drawn to the idea that there is a singular force that truly determines the direction of their lives, in terms of wealth, health and overall success, is increasing daily.

The purpose of this course is to give you a broad yet in-depth perspective on the law of attraction. The primary focus is to introduce the various theories on the nature of the law of attraction. Now, as we progressively master the various facets of the law of attraction, we will also progressively connect the law of attraction to the various components of human life – your’s as well as others’.

The ultimate goal is to introduce to you the most effective ways of utilizing the law of attraction in such a way that you will be able to apply it for your own benefit. Before one applies something, there must be complete recognition and familiarity. This familiarity can only be developed over time. Due to the complex nature of the law of attraction, we will begin with an in-depth exploration of its character before we head over to its applications in real life so that you will be fully equipped when you are ready to apply the concepts.

The Doorway to Achieving Your Dreams and Desires

The law of attraction has been described as the doorway, the key to unlock life’s full potential and the essence that animates the entire universe. The law of attraction has also been called the primal source of power – the very foundation of societies and civilizations – past and present. Now, one would think that if this law was so powerful why does everyone not know and benefit from the law.

Some people were able to discover and utilize it centuries ago – but through the progressive, rationalistic evolution of human-thinking, this particular knowledge was lost through the ages.

When practised the correct way, the law of attraction is capable of giving you:

  • A truly happy, contented life
  • Improved health
  • The ability to achieve your dreams and desires
  • The ability to become who you wish to become
  • The ability to manifest both small successes and big successes – effortlessly and with ease
  • All the success that you want (whether it be in your personal relationships, your finances, etc.)
  • The ability to overcome obstacles/hindrances in life
  • The ability to manifest miracles in your life on a daily basis

Introduction & Overview

Module 1: What is the Law of Attraction and understanding it’s the true nature. Using the Law of Attraction to your advantage – the true nature of thoughts

Module 2: How to manifest your desires and your dreams by cleaning up all the unconscious limiting beliefs and mental blocks

Module 3: How you can tap into your sub-conscious mind and past successes in your life and use it to accelerate and manifest your current goals and desires

Module 4: How your state of Mind, Emotions and Feelings determine your ability to manifest and achieve extraordinary success in your life

Module 5: How to set your intention and pro-actively create your world of Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Amazing Health and Loving Relationships. Be the Master of your own Fate

Module 6: The importance of releasing and letting go of negative mental blocks and opening the door to a life of happiness and success by attracting positive energy

Module 7: How to create your own Mind Movie and use effective visualization and imagination to fulfil your heart’s desires

Module 8: The importance of Thoughts, Words and Actions

So, what do previous attendees have to say about these workshops?

Ryan C
Clear and well presented. Knowledgeable presenter

Silvana G
Great instructor, very knowledgeable!

Gabriela O
I think this course is great to help you communicate with people as well as being a friendly and fun

Katie L
This course was the best and least stressful opportunity I have been given! Jeeva is amazing and I totally
recommend him as his teaching style is very good

Shania RG
It is a great course to learn and I have a better understanding of the units. Jeeva made it enjoyable and fun and I liked the entire course

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